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What is IT Consulting?

In addition to the technical support of soft and hardware, most IT companies offer services that are little known to a wide range of customers. Most of us are already familiar with IT outsourcing, but the term IT consulting still raises many questions. So, what is IT consulting?

IT consulting is an activity aimed at supporting all kinds of work processes in an enterprise or organization, carried out with help of modern technologies. Simply put, it is specialized advice in the field of computer hardware and software. This service allows the enterprise to measure the efficiency of the information technology used in the organization, obtain significant benefits when working with customers, and boost profits.

Especially in the times of crisis when most companies have shifted online, IT consulting has become a helpful instrument that helps businesses to digitalize their processes in the most effective way. IT consulting services catered by experienced specialists at ITPM Group have already assisted numerous companies in transforming their operations to overcome modern business challenges and meet the market demand. 

IT and Business Synergy- Management and IT consulting

IT consulting is a set of activities aimed at introducing, optimizing, and supporting automated reporting and budget management systems, improving the IT infrastructure, and protecting data warehouses. It is closely related to business and management, as it is used for the implementation of information systems offered by business consulting.

Before we get down to creating and configuring automated systems and educating users, we carry out business consulting, which include:

  • the development of the enterprise’s business strategy;
  • collection, analysis and formalization of information system requirements;
  • preparations for the implementation of automation systems


Business consulting is an integral part of any automation project, which is necessary to develop a schedule for planned tasks and activities. This step allows us to implement and operate software systems successfully. Professional IT and tech consulting will provide any enterprise with reliable support.

What are  the Key Components of IT Consulting Services?

IT consulting solves a lot of important issues. Namely, it:

  • determines the level as well as the effectiveness of PC maintenance;
  • increases the productivity of the enterprise;
  • improves manageability and ensures transparency of the enterprise at all levels;
  • defines the level of data protection;
  • checks and improves the efficiency of enterprise communication systems;
  • assesses the productivity of enterprise’s IT professionals;
  • determines the effectiveness of the installed software, and when it is required, suggests the necessary steps for upgrading it.

Modern technologies allow businesses to optimize operations of an enterprise through a combination of software and hardware characteristics. For example, electronic document management systems speed up the process of developing and submitting reports, which significantly reduces the time spent on this task.

The range of IT consulting services is quite wide. And all of them aim to improve the IT infrastructure’s quality and reliability in accordance with modern business processes. When carried out timely, itl positively affects the efficiency of the entire enterprise. It will also help businesses to coordinate their working processes more effectively. 

Katerina Igolkina


Katerina Igolkina