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How to Hire Java Developers?

To hire a Java developer, you need to take into account the fact that professionals in the IT industry are quite unsociable. They don’t like calls and questions that are not related to their professional activities.

That’s why it’s important to learn key terms and practice the correct pronunciation. It’s not uncommon for an aspiring recruiter to confuse JavaScript with Java, whereas they are completely different technologies. Java developers specialize directly in software development. They write code which is stored in a separate control version system. 

A proficient developer is always aware of the latest cutting-edge technologies and software development methodologies, because his or her objective is continuing self-education. The key problem of software specialist evaluation is that his or her skills can be assessed only by a tech specialist. ITPM group is experienced in this field and ready to provide you with quality consulting services on how to choose a skilled back-end Java developer.


Main rules for searching and hiring a developer


  • IT specialists are predominantly introverted. That’s why they like to discuss matters related to their professional activities.
  • They prefer messaging to calling. They like emailing and don’t like calling.
  • Software developers have a hard time shifting their attention from one thing to the other. If you want to evaluate them, then evaluation tasks should be professional. 
  • IT specialists prefer an informal approach to tasks and communication.
  • Proficient software developers spend their nights in front of the screen. That’s why they prefer coming to the office late. They hate the dress code. 

Besides, many software engineers like working remotely and have flexi hours. All these things have influenced the IT market. So, hiring a dedicated Java developer might be a good solution.

Quite often, Java software developer vacancy includes the next requirements:

  • education (mostly, it’s important to have a degree in technology) 
  • proficiency in Java
  • skilled required to be a Java developer, such as working experience with Hibernate or JDBC
  • perfect knowledge of Oracle Database Management System
  • working experience with GIT or any other version control system
  • working experience with application servers such as Weblogic, Apache TomCat and GlassFish

The next thing should also be taken into account: 

  • Working hours, flexi hours, overtime working hours
  • Remote working, working from office only, or an opportunity to do both
  • Java developer’s salary and bonuses should be written as well
  • Clearly defined projects that the software developer will be working with and the number of people involved in the projects
  • Career and professional development
  • Skills that are must for these positions (without them a Java software developer CV even won’t be assessed) and skills that are desirable.

Main rules for representing the vacancy for hiring Java developers


IT specialist pay thorough attention to:

  • Interesting projects. If they are not interesting, then it’s important to find something that might evoke the candidate’s interest. For instance, business trips. 
  • Technologies that he or she will be using
  • Remuneration

Social media and other online resources vacancy descriptions should include all the details and do not contain any cliches. It’s enough to title the vacancy as Leading Java Developer or Java Developer. 

How to write a relevant email to a Java developer candidate? First all, you should introduce yourself and then tell him or her about the title of the vacancy — Java software developer. Then, provide all the details (requirements, responsibilities, and remuneration), and information about the company. You should honestly state all the advantages of the vacancy, company, and projects. 

You should send an email first and then call (“I sent you an email with the vacancy description”) It’s better than an uninvited call. And using email is much more effective than communicating via recruiting platforms. 

The candidate may ask you to give him or her time to think over the vacancy, that’s why you should plan the next call in advance. 

Where to post a vacancy to hire Java developers ?


Useful resources:

  • Local and international job search websites (which include passive and active search). If you have uploaded a job advertisement and want to get a swift response, then do not expect an overwhelming flow of candidates as the competition is rather high;
  • LinkedIn. But keep in mind that specialists registered in this social network often have very high salary expectations.
  • Get referrals from other IT professionals.
  • Professional forums
  • Forums – Programmersforum, Github, ITMozg, Brainstorage and Javatalks.
  • Popular social networks, blogs and communities of software programmers.
  • Corporate websites of an agency or a company.

Recruitment strategy


  • It is undoubtedly worth posting a vacancy on job search websites, collecting responses, and actively recruiting candidates. But for your efforts to pay off, it is recommended to create an automatic search based on keywords that meet the mandatory requirements.
  • A job ad along with a link to the vacancy description should be published on LinkedIn and on popular social networks.
  • You can also publish a job advertisement on specialized forums. But before you do that, you should  familiarize yourself with the rules of the forum first and read the pages “Vacancies” or “Jobs”. If the requirements are not met, you will be blocked, and the job ad will be removed.

Our company is ready to do it for you. Moreover, we already have a large “pool” of candidates, which will facilitate and accelerate the search for the specialist you need.

Katerina Igolkina


Katerina Igolkina