Strategic IT solutions with ITPM Group

Start your digital transformation journey with ITPM Group – a top IT consulting firm! We offer quality IT consultancy from the best experts in the industry. Create innovative solutions, bring your software architecture to a brand-new level or just get a new perspective – you always benefit from our expertise.

IT Consulting Services and Solutions

Risk Management

Want your business to stay afloat in such uncertain times? Predict and manage risks wisely, as well as enhance your business planning, with our risk managers and highly professional staff!

IT Strategy

We develop a strategy that works to support your business processes, aligns with your goals, and drives new initiatives in your company.

Business Optimization

Is your business struggling? Or, perhaps, you are looking for new revenue streams? Reach out to us and we will solve any of your challenges!

Digital Transformation

Bring your business to the edge of the industry with top digital transformation solutions catered by ITPM Group experts!

Technology Consulting

If you have any questions, concerns or uncertainty about technology or your IT infrastructure, our experts are always glad to provide you with consultancy.

Enterprise Architecture

Streamline delivery, improve performance and implement new techs with our Enterprise Architecture specialists! We ensure your enterprise infrastructure runs like clockwork.

Our Consulting Process

When you reach out to us, we analyze your request and assemble a team of IT consulting advisors to suit your business.
After we agree on the terms of our collaboration, our consultants move to strategy development and implementation. ​
We do not give up the project halfway. We monitor performance, analyze results and make adjustments if necessary.
Upon the delivery, you have positive results, new vision, practical knowledge and applicable solution at your fingertips.

Professional IT Consulting with ITPM Group!

Financial Services

The fintech industry is so competitive now that it is often hard to break through this noise of companies. Reach out to us, and we will advise you on the best market strategy, select a new business direction or just provide you with relevant advice!


Media has recently become the central point of digital transformation, reshaping the whole IT landscape. With dozens of successful projects, ITPM group helps customers to benefit from this disruption with its solid expertise and experience.


With the outbreak of the pandemic, everything went online. And the education industry is no exception. Know how to benefit from digital transformation with the ITPM Group!


How to retain customers and attract new ones? How to decrease the bounce rate? Solve tech inefficiencies? Our consultants can address these and all other issues.

Marketing Technology

MarTech is a set of tools marketers use to create and monitor marketing campaigns. ITPM group helps customers to automate and streamline marketing activities with top IT advancements.

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the buzzwords today. But only a share of companies benefit from these techs. Contact us for quality IT consultancy! !

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Emilia Clarke
Varga Attila
Managing Director
"ITPM Group team provided excellent service. We needed one developer and got it within time and budget. We are highly recommend this company and will continue to work with them."

Emilia Clarke
Maxim Moneta
Founder of Startupers
"ITPM Gorup development team delivers projects on aggressive timelines. Their impressive technical skill and orderly management structure make them an ideal partner for a wide range of complex development projects. "
Emilia Clarke
Yevhen Rybak
Chief Technology Officer
"Respect from Eco & Tech on the level of IT support service ITPM Group team providing us. They not only help our business to grow but also assist our clients on all possible levels."

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Frequent Questions

What does an IT consultant do?

Information technology experts, or IT consultants, advise, develop and install information systems
according to the client’s requirements and business needs. They do not just perform the tasks. They
have a vision in mind that helps them to create industry-relevant solutions that serve your company
for years to come.

You can address IT consultants, with a set of questions that are in the scope of their expertise. At
ITPM Group, we have professionals with a diverse skillset and experience, who can solve any of your
challenges. Reach out to us to transform your business!

How can IT consulting help my business?

It may help your business in a variety of ways, starting from strategy development and business
planning to practical implementation of software solutions. Cut costing, market analysis, technical
issues, digital transformation or crisis management - no matter what request you have, IT advisors are
always here to assist you.
If you have an area that needs to be improved, you can reach out to us and our team of advisors will
develop the solution to benefit your company or organization.

Why choose ITPM Group as your IT consulting company?

There are a few reasons you might consider choosing ITPM Group as your IT consulting partner:
● Expertise has always been our top priority. We do not provide average consulting services;
we pay attention to your pain points, analyze your business, and develop a beneficial solution
that helps you develop further on the market.

● We also strive for long-term cooperation with all our clients. We never give up a project or
stop at some point in our development. We promote continuous growth and encourage our
clients to grow with us. Thus, when you choose ITPM Group as your IT consulting partner,
you can be sure your interests and needs are respected and met.