Hire Back-end Developers with ITPM GROUP

Are you looking for professional back-end developers?

While your local labor market might be missing the right talents, offshore developers can become a real asset for you and your company. 

ITPM Group will become your trusted development partner who will help you hire a single professional or a team of skilled engineers to build a dedicated team. Also, if you’re in two minds about establishing an offshore R&D center in Ukraine, we’re here to handle this task for you. Office facilities, payroll, and taxes  – we address all your worries and concerns in no time. 

The only thing that we’d ask you to do is to send your job description. We’ll shortlist a group of engineers and invite you to interview a group of prescreened developers.

Why Hire Back-end Developers with ITPM Group?

Fast Recruitment

In case you need to hire back-end developers really fast, our experienced IT recruiters have a technical background, which means they can find the right talent just in one or two weeks. With ITPM Group, you can scale your team with no hassle!

Transparent Cost

Buy nice or buy twice? Frequently, hiring junior engineers might affect your project’s outcomes. Our rates meet the market demand as they include the basic salary of a back-end developer, a flat fee for perks, recruitment costs, office rent, and equipment.

Free Replacement

Apart from managing the recruitment process, we also keep control over staff performance, which means you always get the best service. If you are not satisfied with the quality of code, you can ask for a free replacement of a back-end developer.

Flexible Hiring Models

No matter whether you need a couple of professionals or want to build an R&D center in Eastern Europe, we are here to help you. With multiple hiring models, you can choose the one that best aligns with your goals and needs.

Direct Communication

Each software engineer you shortlist works only on your project, which means he/she is fully committed to the work. By ensuring clear and transparent communication, we contribute to the success of your venture and build long-lasting relations between our clients and us.

Qualified Candidates

As it is widely known, employees are the most vital assets at any company. ITPM Group can boast of having a big pool of talents with years of experience on the market. They have different tech stack, skillset, and background, which means you can always find the right match.

Our Process

Your Inquiry
You reach out to us and we ask you to tell more about the tech stack you need, team composition and other specific requirements you have. Based on your needs, we run the numbers to create an estimate and get down to the recruitment process.

Interview and Hire Developers
During the first week, you get a set of CVs of prescreened developers. Then you choose and interview the ones that match your requirements to make the final decision. On average, it takes up to 3-5 weeks to find and hire developers our clients need.

Hire Developers
Your satisfaction is our primary goal. Thus, we provide everything our clients need to have a successful development team. To manage onboarding and set up all the processes, you can come to our R&D center or reach out to your team with the help of online tools.

Get Down to Work
When everything is arranged, you can enjoy a fully integrated development team working together in the R&D office or remotely. We support all the processes including retention, HR management, payrolls and accounting, as well as provide a comfortable office space, the required hardware and a decent social package.

What Do We Offer?

With ITPM Group, you start by hiring a single back-end developer and gradually scale up your team with more engineers. Whether you need coders for your project, designers, QA engineers, or project managers, be sure we’ll find the best talents on the market to meet your needs. You also have an option to hire the whole back-end development team. 

The customer’s requirements are our primary focus – we will find the talents for any tech stack, seniority level, and salary range. And since our company has an R & D office in Ukraine, we have access to one of Eastern Europe’s biggest IT talent pools. 

Your offshore development team is at your disposal 5 days a week with an 8-hour working day. Since we set up only dedicated teams, you can be sure all of your employees work in a comfortable office center with all the necessary equipment. 

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Varga Attila
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"ITPM Group team provided excellent service. We needed one developer and got it within time and budget. We are highly recommend this company and will continue to work with them."

Emilia Clarke
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"ITPM Gorup development team delivers projects on aggressive timelines. Their impressive technical skill and orderly management structure make them an ideal partner for a wide range of complex development projects. "
Emilia Clarke
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