Building a dedicated team at ITPM group

Our team extension services will help you scale your team with the right talents and provide valuable experience on the software development market. With the help of the innovative recruitment approaches and techniques, we managed to gather an extensive pool of skilled engineers to strengthen your business. 


Extend your development team with ITPM group

Dedicated Developer

Hire a remote software engineer and get access to the best talents on the market. A project manager is available upon your request.

Dedicated Team

Our high-quality consulting services have already helped hundreds of companies to build dedicated development teams and extend existing ones. Our development teams are always balanced: you have the right number of engineers in one place. The number of people in a group can be adjusted at any moment.

R&D Center in Ukraine

We provide highly flexible services for setting up and launching your development center. We are fully involved in organizing and assembling the office space, recruiting following your demands, and providing the necessary legal support. We can support your employer's brand management, talent management, travel support, concierge services, and project management upon request.

Our Process

Gathering requirements
ITPM group always strives to understand its customers’ needs. We will figure out the requirements of your project, goals, and tech stack you’re looking for. Then, we can arrange an action plan.​

Starting free recruiting
All our clients get a pleasant bonus from us - a free trial recruitment week during which you can check our recruiters’ skills. In one week, you get a list of CVs with the most suitable candidates. Each of these people was screened before his or her resume got into your inbox. We check the candidate’s spoken and written level of English, motivation, and interpersonal skills so that they can easily find a common language with the representatives of your company.
Once developers are shortlisted, we initiate an onboarding process to help your team adapt to a new environment and engage in the process. We always take into account your needs and make sure this process goes fast and smoothly. We also handle all internal communications to ensure your team works together to achieve your goals. We build the team spirit, work with motivation and implement any changes to help you reach the desired result.

Scaling Up and Down
We do understand the project requirements might change depending on many factors. Thus, we also stay flexible and allow our customers to increase or reduce the number of team members at any time.

Core Benefits

Personal Approach

We do not apply patterns. Each case is unique, thus we always take a personalized approach to every client.

Transparent Cost and High Security

Your budget is always predictable, which means you’re aware of the cost of our services and its components. We are pretty aware of your privacy and security concerns, that’s why we can guarantee you a high level of security control.

Flexible Agreement

Whether you need a single developer or looking for a team of senior engineers with a project manager, be sure we will meet your request.

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Emilia Clarke
Varga Attila
Managing Director
"ITPM Group team provided excellent service. We needed one developer and got it within time and budget. We are highly recommend this company and will continue to work with them."

Emilia Clarke
Maxim Moneta
Founder of Startupers
"ITPM Gorup development team delivers projects on aggressive timelines. Their impressive technical skill and orderly management structure make them an ideal partner for a wide range of complex development projects. "
Emilia Clarke
Yevhen Rybak
Chief Technology Officer
"Respect from Eco & Tech on the level of IT support service ITPM Group team providing us. They not only help our business to grow but also assist our clients on all possible levels."