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Keep your business thriving with top-notch outsourced IT support services

To make sure your company is operating in accordance with the highest industry standards, you need to ensure all tech issues are addressed quickly and effectively. With a managed service provider, you always enjoy top-quality IT maintenance!

Managed IT Support Services

Infrastructure Support

Computer systems and networks are the backbone of any organization. To make sure they run like clockwork, it’s better to ask for professional support.  Keep your business thriving with top-notch outsourced IT support services! 

Network Management

Fault analysis, performance management, maintaining network infrastructure - our administrators will make sure your system and software works smoothly and meets your corporate needs.

Cloud Services

Are you concerned about data security or constant upgrades? Get rid of your worries with exceptional cloud services from ITMP group. Drive scalability, reduce costs, and ensure perfect collaboration.

IT Helpdesk Support

Your network breaks down at the wrong time? Why don’t you address an IT Helpdesk? No matter what issue you face, our staff will provide you with 24/7 online support to address your technology issues.

Security and Data Protection

With over 446 million data breaches annually, you cannot neglect data protection. Keep your data and software safe with high-level virus protection and best-in-class IT maintenance!

IT Maintenance

Product lifecycle does not end at the point of launch. To retain users and make sure they’re satisfied, you should maintain the product by fixing bugs and inefficiencies.

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Open Source​

  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • Symfony
  • Laravel
  • Moodle
  • React JS
  • Angular JS
  • Vue JS
  • Ionic 4
  • Npm


  • PHP
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • SQL

Mobile Apps

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • Xamarin


  • .NET
  • C#
  • MS SQL
  • SharePoint
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Flexible IT Support Pricing Plans

Want to know the cost of your solution and type of contract we provide? 

Whether you come from a promising startup or a large-scale enterprise, you will find a pricing model to meet any budget.

Website Support


Monthly Package
  • Web Counsulting
  • 24/7 System Monitoring
  • Website maintenance
  • CMS Version Upgrades
  • Content management

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Global Support


Monthly Package
  • Data protection
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Workplace Setup
  • Data Quality Management
  • Strategy consulting

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General Support


Monthly Package
  • Data protection
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Workplace Setup
  • Data Quality Management
  • Strategy consulting
  • Full website support
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Why Outsource IT Services to ITPM Group?

24/7 Support
Only Qualified Engineers
Client-Focused Approach


Your IT networks and infrastructure are the foundation of any organization. Thus, we do realize that it needs to be maintained at a high level. Otherwise, your business might struggle. With 24/7 support from ITPM Group, you get high-quality maintenance that caters to your needs and goals.


Focus on quality and attention to detail lies in the core of our expertise. Therefore, we always make sure our engineers keep on eye on the latest technology trends and receive relevant training. The knowledge and skills of our highly professional team contribute to the top-rated quality our clients enjoy with us.


Do you have custom business needs that you want to be covered? That’s not a problem with ITPM Group. We never deliver conventional solutions. We listen to our customers to provide them with the services that align with their goals and values. Whenever you reach out to us, you can be sure your requirements will be met.

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Emilia Clarke
Varga Attila
Managing Director
"ITPM Group team provided excellent service. We needed one developer and got it within time and budget. We are highly recommend this company and will continue to work with them."

Emilia Clarke
Maxim Moneta
Founder of Startupers
"ITPM Gorup development team delivers projects on aggressive timelines. Their impressive technical skill and orderly management structure make them an ideal partner for a wide range of complex development projects. "
Emilia Clarke
Yevhen Rybak
Chief Technology Officer
"Respect from Eco & Tech on the level of IT support service ITPM Group team providing us. They not only help our business to grow but also assist our clients on all possible levels."

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Frequent Questions

What is the meaning of IT support?

Although the definition of “IT support” is rather broad, it can be defined as a range of services that
include high-level maintenance of IT networks, infrastructures, and other tech products ranging from
smartphones to more sophisticated systems.
Unfortunately, the majority of companies neglect this point. As a rule, everything comes down to
purchasing and installing the software. However, since IT infrastructure is the cornerstone of any
company, it requires continuous support to ensure it functions smoothly.

How can an outsourced IT support help your business?

IT support might help your business in a variety of ways, depending on your goals and pain points. If
you want your IT system to function smoothly and maintain high-level security in the organization,
outsourced services might provide you with an excellent solution. Such vendors have substantial
expertise in various fields, which means they can quickly and efficiently solve your issues.
In case you run a startup or a small business, outsourced IT support is an affordable way to keep your
IT infrastructure secure and in good condition. It won’t cost you a fortune, and you will be sure your
soft and hardware are healthy.

How much does remote IT support cost?

It depends on different factors, such as the size of your organization, the range of services you want to
use, your requirements, etc. If you have a large organization with a complex infrastructure, we might
need to assemble a team of senior specialists with seasoned IT consultants to meet your request.
Alternatively, in case you have just several serves, you might not need some extra features we provide
to our clients.
The industry’s average ranges from €150 to €400 per server per month or €80-150 per station. But
you’d better contact our specialist, and they will provide you with an accurate estimate.